Proposals Submitted

Connett, John: $45,830 to Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) for “School Integrated Pest Management Training in Wyoming through a Science-Based, Expert to Expert Approach.”

Cook, Craig: $5,000 to the State of Minnesota for “Service Agreement for Laboratory Analysis of Hair and Plant Samples for Carbon and Nitrogen Stable Isotopes.”

Dhekeny, Sadanand: $100,000 to Office of International Cooperation and Development (USDA) for “Improving Grapevine Tolerance to Drought and Heat Stress using Safe and Eco-friendly Technologies.”

Despain, Johnathan and Brittany Johnson:  $3,726to Kansas State University for “2015 Military Connected Youth Local/Regional Program Support.”

Edwards, Jeffrey: $53,000 to WDA for “Pesticide Safety Education Program.”

Edwards, Jeffrey:  $8,100 to National Association of State Departments of Agriculture Research Foundation for “Pesticide Safety Education Program 2014-2015.”

Fay, David: $1,7744,575 to National Institutes of Health (DHHS) for “Functions and Regulation of the Extracellular Matrix in C. elegans Development.”

Ford, Stephen: $2,0025,628 to National Institutes of Health (DHHS) for “Multigenerational Developmental Programming by Maternal Obesity.”

Kniss, Andrew: $7,000 to FMC Corporation for “Continuation of 1001351—Weed Control in Agronomic Crops.”

Kniss, Andrew: $17,500 to BASF for “Continuation of 1001669—Weed Science Research in Agronomic Crops.”

Kniss, Andrew: $16,000 to Monsanto Company for “Continuation of 1001738—Weed Management Research and Education.”

Kniss, Andrew: $10,000 to Syngenta for “Continuation of 1001528—Agronomic Crop Research.”

Levy, Daniel: $792,000 to American Cancer Society for “Regulation of Nuclear Size in Xenopus Embryos and Cancer Cells.”

Mealor, Brian: $21,500 to Wyoming Weed and Pest District for “Weed Science Research and Extension.”

Murphy, Melanie: $4,878 to Forest Service (USDA) for “Boreal Toad eDNA Pilot Study.”

Murphy, Melanie and Charlotte Gabrielsen: $1,000 to The Wildlife Society for “Effects of Climate Change on Prairie Wetland Ecosystem Services and Amphibian Persistence.”

Murphy, Melanie and Beth Fitzpatrick: $42,183 to Wyoming Game and Fish for “Identifying Habitat Restoration and Land-Use Priorities for Sage-Grouse.”

Taylor, David and Jessica Clement: $49,688 to Bureau of Land Management (Interior) for “Socioeconomic Reports for BLM Casper Field Office in Wyoming and BLM Arizona Colorado River District.”

Whipple, Glen, John Hewlett, and Kelly Crane: $14,677 to Farm Service Agency (USDA) for “2014 Farm Bill—Producer Education—University of Wyoming Extension Services.”