Proposals Submitted

Andersen, Matthew: $55,000 to Old World Industries LLC for “Identification of Agricultural Technologies from the Public Sector for Commercialization.”

Crane, Kelly, John Derek Scasta, and Barton Stam: $24,970 to U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture for “Establishing the University of Wyoming Extension Range Management Institute: A Comprehensive Educational Program to Enhance the Technical Capacity and Practical Experience of Agricultural Professionals in Addressing Contemporary Management Issues.”

Eberle, Carrie, and Caitlin Youngquist: $6,000 to Insure Organics for “Sugar Beet Response to Insure Organic Soil Amendments.”

Gigley, Jason: $2,383,895 to National Institutes of Health for “NK Cell Impact on Development of Toxoplasmic Encephalitis in Chronic T. gondii Infection.”

Hufford, Kristina, and Scott Gamo: $151,270 to state of Wyoming for “Revegetation Success and Weed Resilience of Wyoming Right-of-Way Reclamation.”

Maczko, Kristie, and John Tanaka: $150,000 to Public Lands Council for “Evaluating Non-Fee Grazing Permit Costs in the Context of Social and Economic Characteristics of Public Land Ranchers.”

Murphy, Melanie, Jeffrey Beck, Beth Fitzpatrick, and Aaron Pratt: $10,000 to Animal Welfare Institute for “Assessing the Efficacy of Using Non-Invasive Genetic Techniques for Estimating Influence of Development on Population Decline of Greater Sage-Grouse.”

Norton, Jay, John Ritten, Urszula Norton, Caitlin Youngquist, and Clain Jones: $250,000 to Utah State University for “Integrating Livestock and Cover Crops into Irrigated Crop Rotations.”

Sondgeroth, Kerry, Nicolas Blouin, William Edwards, John Loy, and Kevin Lahmers: $18,000 to Wyoming Wild Sheep Foundation for “Genotyping of Mannheimia sp. Isolates from Three Bighorn Sheep Herds in Wyoming Using MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry.”