Proposals Submitted


  • Bittner, Mark: $3,500 to Wyoming Department of Education for “Enhancing Nutrition and Sustainability Concepts in Preschool through Gardening.”
  • Ernest, Holly, and Lisa Tell: $94,191 to Morris Animal Foundation for “Investigating Accumulation of Heavy Metals in Hummingbirds.”
  • Ernest, Holly, and Winston Vickers: $99,903 to Morris Animal Foundation for “Investigating Genomic Health Impacts of California Mountain Lions.”
  • Gagne, Roderick, and Holly Ernest: $99,903 to Morris Animal Foundation for “Impacts of Landscape Structure and Host Demographics on Disease Dynamics of Southern California Mountain Lions.”
  • Heitholt, James: $50,000 to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for “Identifying Cultivars and Management Practices to Increase Water and Nutrient Use Efficiency for Dry Bean Production in the Northern Great Plains and Intermountain West.”
  • Islam, Anowar, Valtcho Jeliazkov, Augustine Obour, and Doohong Min: $793,889 to USDA Agricultural Marketing Service for “Fenugreek Has Potential as Alternative Forage, Food, and Medicinal Crop.”
  • Latchininsky, Alexandre, and John Connett: $30,000 to USDA NIFA for “Wyoming School Integrated Pest Management Outreach and Training.”
  • Scasta, John, Daniel Rodgers, and Preston Smith: $130,151 to Bureau of Indian Affairs for “Enhanced Ecological Vegetation Inventory of High-Elevation Basins in the Wind River Indian Reservation to Link Native American Culture with the Rangeland Resource.”
  • Scasta, John, and Linda Van Diepen: $389.109 to Bureau of Land Management for “Linking Soil Ecology with Vegetation Management to Optimize Restoration Efforts of Ponderosa Pine after Catastrophic Wildfires.”