Proposals Submitted

Gomelsky, Mark: $384,145 to National Institutes of Health for “Bacteriophytochrome-based Optogenetic Tools for Mammalian Gene Regulation,” $383,315 for “Bacteriophytochrome-controlled Gene Expression in Bacterial Pathogens,” and $176,875 for “Host-adaptation of the Lyme Disease Pathogen.”


Latchininsky, Alexandre, and Larry Debrey: $111,298 to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for “Wyoming CAPS Infrastructure, Bundled Small Grain Commodity Survey, and Nematode Survey.”


Rashford, Benjamin, Christopher Wright, Gordon Reese, and Johann Walker: $108,212 to Fish & Wildlife Service for “Modeling Grassland Conversion: Estimating Habitat Loss Rates and Future Conversion Risk in the Plains and Prairie Pothole Region.”


Tanaka, John, and Kristie Maczko: $30,000 to National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for “Enhanced Ecosystem Goods and Services Content for a Social and Economic Survey of Ranchers in the United States,” and $76,000 to USDA Forest Service for “Sustainable Rangelands Roundtable 2014.”