Monies Awarded

Crane, Kelly, and Caleb Carter: $24,288 from Utah State University for “Pesticide Education for Urban and Small Acreage Users.”

Ernest, Holly: $10,000 from Wild Sheep Foundation for “Integrating Genetic Data with Translocation History to Inform Scientific Management of Bighorn Sheep.”

Gigley, Jason: $284,998 from National Institutes of Health (NIH) for “Impact of Fc N-glyclan Structure on HIV-Specific Antibody Functions.”

Gomelsky, Mark: $24,251 from U.S. Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA NIFA) for “FFY16 (2015-2017) Hatch SubProj Mol Biol.”

Latchininsky, Alexandre, and John Connett: $30,000 from University of California, Davis for “Wyoming School Integrated Pest Management Outreach and Training.”

Levy, Daniel: $239,655 from NIH for “Integration of Xenopus Extract and Microfluidics to Study Organelle Size Scaling – 2017-2018.”

Love Stowell, Sierra, and Holly Ernest: $23,278 from U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for “Genetic Matrixing of Greenback Cutthroat Trout at the Leadville National Fish Hatchery, Colorado.”

Nathanielsz, Peter: $103,322.70 from NIH for “Project 3: 2017-2018,” $206,789 for “Project 2: 2017-2018,” $106,951 for “Project 1: UC Denver – 2017-2018,” and $836,046 for “Mechanisms of Placental, Fetal Brain and Renal Outcomes of IUGR – 2017-2018.”

Scasta, John: $7,200 from Colorado State University for “Southern Rockies Fire Science Exchange Network.”

Scasta, John, Daniel Rodgers, and Preston Smith: $130,151 from Bureau of Indian Affairs for “Enhanced Ecological Vegetation Inventory of High-Elevation Basins in the Wind River Indian Reservation to Link Native American Culture with the Rangeland Resource.”

Stump, William: $7,000 from Wyoming Department of Agriculture for “Research to Improve Dry Bean Production in Wyoming.”

Thompson, Jennifer: $500 from various sponsors for “Barnyards and Backyards – An Innovative Project to Reach Out to Wyoming’s Small Acreage Landowner with Conservation Programs.”

Zalesky, Douglas: $55,720 from USDA NIFA for “FFY16 (2015-2017) Hatch SubProj WYGISC.”