Monies Awarded

Beck, Jeffrey: $125,000 from Bureau of Land Management for “Lek-Centric Habitat Use, Resource Selection, Demography, and Genetic Evaluation of the Columbian Sharp-Tailed Grouse in South-Central Wyoming,” and $125,000 from Wyoming Game and Fish (WGF) for “Identification of Winter Concentration Areas in South-Central Wyoming: Abundance and Resource Selection.”

Beck, Jeffrey, Anna Chalfoun, Stan Harter, and Tim Vosburgh: $241,223 from WGF for “Response for Greater Sage-Grouse to Treatments in Wyoming Big Sagebrush.”

Bisha, Bledar: $134,519 from Access Sensor Technologies LLC for “Low Cost Pathogen Detection for Food Safety, Phase 2.”

Bittner, Mark: $1,000 from Laramie Rivers Conservation District for “Enhancing Nutrition and Sustainability Concepts in Preschool through Gardening – Cost Share Match.”

Connett, John, and Alexandre Latchininsky: $36,000 from WDA for “Pesticide Education Program: School Integrated Pest Management Program.”

Crane, Kelly: $23,000 from Utah State University for “Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (WSARE) Wyoming Professional Development Program (PDP) 2017-2018.”

Despain, Johnathan, and Brittany Johnson: $20,000 from Kansas State University for “4-H Military Partnership Grant 2016-2017.”

Eberle, Carrie: $17,004 from Dow AgroSciences for “Goss’ Wilt Study and Deficit Irrigation Study in Corn,” and $700 from Syngenta for “Winter Wheat Variety Trial.”

Ehmke, Cole, Justina Russell, Caleb Carter, Mae Smith, Caitlin Youngquist, and Jeremiah Vardiman: $14,500 from Farm Credit Services of America for “Support for Annie’s Project in Wyoming 2017-2019.”

Ernest, Holly: $459,813 from California Department of Fish and Wildlife for “California Black Bear Molecular Mark-Recapture Genetic Analyses.”

Gigley, Jason: $36,000 from National Institutes of Health (NIH) for “Pilot Project: Transition Metal Chelators as Novel Therapeutics against Toxoplasma gondii.”

Hewlett, John: $263,000 from USDA Risk Management Agency for “Risk Management Education Addressing Malt Barley Operators; Enterprise Risk Analysis; and Risk Management for Beginning, Retiring/Transitioning, and Other Farmers/Ranchers and Interested Individuals in Wyoming 2016-17.”

Maczko, Kristie: $140,000 from USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for “Rangeland Soil Health Phase II: Economic Modeling, Case Studies, and Technical Site Visits.”

Mealor, Brian: $169,720 from NRCS for “Provide Technical Assistance in the Gathering of Information Pertaining to the Development of Ecological Sites in Wyoming.”

Mealor, Brian, and Clay Wood: $47,000 from WGF for “Evaluating Threshold Concepts for Improving Habitat through Cheatgrass Management: Phase II.”

Miller, Myrna: $20,000 from Wyoming Animal Damage Management Board for “Surveillance Testing for Rabies Virus in Wyoming Wildlife.”

Moore, Mike: $7,160 from WDA for “Development of a Gluten Free Dry Bean Production Manual.”

Rashford, Benjamin, Dannele Peck, Roger Coupal, John Ritten, Robert Godby, and Shannon Albeka: $369,473 from Montana State University for “Integrating Sustainable Social, Ecological and Technological Innovation for Achieving Global Climate Stabilization through Negative CO2 Emission Policies.”

Sbatella, Gustavo: $4,000 from Valent for “Weed Control in Alfalfa,” and $1,200 from Miller Coors LLC for “2016 Growing Season Barley Variety Trial.”

Scasta, John: $11,770 from Utah State University for “Cattle Diets and Performance: Enhancing What We Know with Advanced Plant DNA Technology.”

Sharma, Vivek: $27,386 from Stoller USA for “University of Wyoming and Stoller USA Sugarbeet Testing 2017: Effect of Micro-Nutrient on Sugarbeet Production.”

Stump, William: $26,000 from Kansas State University for “Great Plains Diagnostic Network – Wyoming Component,” and $21,000 from Bayer for “Investigations in Disease Management for Wyoming Crops.”

Tekiela, Daniel: $10,000 from Bayer for “Effective Control of Rangeland Weeds Using Herbicides.”