Monies Awarded

Groose, Robin: $8,475 from Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) for “Participatory Breeding of Winter Hardy Vegetable Peas for Wyoming.”


Islam, Anowar: $20,000 from WDA for “Evaluation of Quinoa as a Leafy Green Crop for Adaptation in Wyoming.”


Murphy, Melanie, and Charlotte Gabrielsen: $400 from Sigma Xi for “Climate Change Effects on Wetland Ecosystem Services Across the Prairie Pothole Region,” and $500 from Laramie Audubon Society for “Climate Change Effects on Amphibian Persistence in the Plains and Prairie Pothole Region.”


Murphy, Melanie, and Beth Fitzpatrick: $500 from Laramie Audubon Society for “Effects of Landscape Change on Greater Sage Grouse.”


Thompson, Jennifer: $500 from various sponsors for “Wyoming Barnyards and Backyards: An Educational Newsletter for Wyoming’s Small Acre Enthusiast.”