Extension fraternal organization honors educators

The Wyoming chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi (ESP) honored members for excellence during the University of Wyoming Extension training conference in December.

ESP fosters excellence in extension.

Recently retired educator Phyllis Lewis was selected for the Wyoming Chapter Continuing Excellence Award for a 22-year history of effective nutrition education in Wyoming and for state and national participation in ESP. Her most recent team effort was the Food For Thought Project.

Educator Caitlyn Youngquist received the Wyoming Chapter Early Careeer Award based on effective combinations of teamwork, engaging research, embracing communities, and coordination of annual events. Her recent collaborative efforts include the retail pesticide education project with educator Caleb Carter and hosting a Western Area Livestock and Agriculture Risk Mitigation training with Scott Cotton, and coordinating WESTI Ag Days each year.

The John P Elbogen Foundation was chosen for the Chapter 2017 “Friend of Extension Award” in recognition of the support and sponsorship of innovative extension projects in Wyoming.

The McMurry – Paying It Forward Foundation was chosen as the 2018 “Friend of Extension Award” recipient in recognition of over 20 years and $50 million in support for youth programs in Wyoming and direct support for 4-H and the University of Wyoming.

Scott Cotton was selected as the National Distinguished Service Award winner for the Western Region based on an exemplary career in animal and range management science in addition to decades of national leadership in the field of agro-security and agriculture disaster mitigation training.

Group photo of award recipients.
Scott Cotton, right, of the extension excellence organization Epsilon Sigma Phi, and group member Jodee Jacobsen, left, presents the 2018 Friend of Extension Award to Susie McMurry, secretary, and Trudi McMurry, director of the McMurry Paying It Forward Foundation.
Jacobsen and Cotton holding large framed award.
Mary Garland of the John B. Elbogen Foundation receives the 2017 Friend of Extension Award from Scott Cotton.
Carter and Cotton shaking hands.
Caleb Carter receives the Wyoming Chapter Distinguished Service Award from Scott Cotton.
Group photo with Youngquist holding large framed award.
Caleb Carter, left, and Caitlin Youngquist accept the Wyoming Chapter Continuing Excellence Award from Scott Cotton on behalf of retired educator Phyllis Lewis.
Caitlin Youngquist holding large framed award.
Scott Cotton of the Wyoming Chapter of Epsilon Sigma Phi presents educator Caitlin Youngquist with the chapter’s Early Career Award.