Changing Faces, Changing Places


Ernest, Holly: Veterinary sciences, professor/Wyoming Excellence Chair (8/26)

Hoar, Bruce: College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, research scientist (8/26)

Kauer, Sarah: Ecosystem science and management, office associate (7/28)

Kipper, Rhianna: Family and consumer sciences, lecturer, assistant (8/28)

Marr, Karen: Animal science, accountant (5/30)

Matov, Alexandre: Molecular biology, postdoctoral associate (7/8)

Paintin, Jo Marie: Ag Business Office, accountant (10/17)

Sondgeroth, Kerry: Veterinary sciences, assistant professor (8/26)

Von Lanken, Kent: Powell Seed Lab, laboratory technician III (7/7)

Zheng, Claire: Ag Business Office, accounting associate, senior (10/2)



Bixby, Dee: UW Extension, office assistant, senior (10/31)

Hansen, Lanny: Ag Business Office, accounting associate (10/3)

Moore, Dave: Laramie Research and Extension Center, farm manager (10/7)

Skrabut, Stan: UW Extension, instructional technology specialist (11/14)