19 New Videos!

Fall Weed Control https://youtu.be/dvtCKJhTdFo Fall is a great time to spray weeds before they go dormant for the winter.
Ficus Trees https://youtu.be/TlqukwLuJRo Ficus trees are good for large and small spaces in your home. This plant needs proper sunlight and watering schedules, but can be relatively easy to care for.
Green Tomatoes https://youtu.be/VFI9gjDBRuk You can still save the green tomatoes left outside in the cold and ripen them inside your home.
Grizzly Bear Endangered Species Delisting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SYhBnVQ4ws If you are interested in where science and policy decisions meet, you’ll want to be following the effort to de-list the Grizzly Bear from the Endangered Species List.
Herbicide Modes of Action https://youtu.be/izn5DqmXgqQ Herbicides have different active ingredients that inhibit weed growth in different ways. Mix up your use of these active ingredients to protect your yard from herbicide resistance.
Hole in the Wall https://youtu.be/mNZ4HDjYdlw The famous outlaw hideout Hole in the Wall can be found southwest of Kaycee, WY.
Indoor Herbs https://youtu.be/-E2m3rKcL24 Don’t let the winter weather stop you from having fresh herbs. Herbs can be grown indoors and are useful for cooking, aesthetics, and help freshen the stuffy indoor air.
Iron Deficiency https://youtu.be/Q8ao8Ahqh3o Plants lose the ability to take up iron when soils are too alkaline. There are several short and long-term fixes for iron deficiency.
Lake Stratification & Turnover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_k5T2wnPSg Large lakes in temperate regions experience regular seasonal changes in temperature that drive biological activity in these lakes.
Pesticide & Chemical Storage https://youtu.be/Ift3GPZBXyk Follow these tips to safely store chemicals in your home.
Polyacrylamide Gel https://youtu.be/HiVmY4vLyi4 Polyacrylamide gel is designed to take up water and release it slowly so your plants stay well watered. When the gel breaks down it releases dangerous chemicals into the environment, so Extension does not recommend its use.
Proper Snow Shoveling https://youtu.be/rhn6grmZWAc Slow down and take precautions to avoid hurting yourself when you shovel snow this winter.
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RC-UAYpxtOs Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is tick-borne disease that affects humans and wildlife.
Saving Seeds https://youtu.be/-J7u7Iu_mrw Save seeds from this year’s plants to use next Spring.
Sheridan County https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJsKHY_563I Sheridan county has a rich and unique history of natural resource extraction, agriculture, and tourism. The town of Sheridan has even been visited by the queen of England.
Skull Composting https://youtu.be/cJWehaIcul8 You can use your garden compost pile to clean your deer or antelope skull this fall.
Sunflower Seeds https://youtu.be/eNKko-5BzI4 After harvesting your sunflower heads, dry the seeds in in a cool, dry place and you can have seeds for crafting or eating!
Western Meadowlark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mMOv-m724k This recognizable prairie species is the State Bird of Wyoming. Watch for the Western Meadowlark on fence posts and sagebrush across the state.
Winter Bird Feeding https://youtu.be/DRy67mgRIRg Follow this easy recipe to feed birds in your yard all winter long!