06 2018 (June)

Latchininsky accepts position with United Nations

Portrait of Latchininsky
Alexandre Latchininsky

Ecosystem science and management Professor Alex Latchininsky, and University of Wyoming Extension entomologist, has accepted an offer of the position of Agricultural Officer, Locust Management within the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Latchininsky will move to FAO UN headquarters in Rome, Italy, July 1.

He has worked 23 years at UW, the first three as a graduate student. His areas of expertise are pest population biology, ecology, and management.

Latchininsky has received several major awards while at UW: the UW International Board of Advisors Faculty Award for Internationalization; Faculty Senate Speaker Award; Creative Excellence in Extension Award; International Excellence in Integrated Pest Management Award; and the Western Extension Directors Association Award of Excellence, among other honors.

The UN also called upon him over the years for his locust management expertise, and he hosted many visiting professors and locust specialists.

“I believe my work made UW a leading national and international center for applied locust and grasshopper research and management,” he says.

Latchininsky became an assistant professor in 2003, an associate professor in 2008, and professor in 2015.

“Now I’m closing this chapter of my life,” he says. “But certainly, Wyoming will always remain in my heart as a very special place.”