06 2018 (June)

Animal science student poster session

Students in the senior-level class ANSC 4630 selected issues that influence animal agriculture and presented their research posters the first week of May. Their challenge was to be “forward thinking” in identifying the issue and identifying potential ways to resolve the issue, notes Professor Mark Stayton, who taught the class with Professor Gary Moss.

The posters and students were:

Immigration and Agriculture

Robert Gannett and Shea Goddard

Wild Horses

Sarah Salas and Sarah Freisi

Predator Control

Quade Palm and Ashton Pettigrew

Food Waste

Kylee Dudeck and Quincy Gunderson

Laboratory Meats

Lauren Meisenheimer and Katie Aarts

GMOs in Agriculture

Reba Dorsett and Makayla Miracle.

Growth Hormones in Beef

Laurel Place and Kelly Lomagno.

The Pneumonia Complex in Bighorn and Domestic Sheep

Aspen Smith and Taylor Nofsinger


Logan Irvine, Lane Wilson and Bryce Overcast

Organic vs. Conventional Beef

Laurel Austin and Michael Gaughan

Organic vs. All-Natural Beef

Spencer Wahl and Kiernan Brandt

Country of Origin Labeling

Jacob Lacey and Eric Lewis

Impact of Multi-species Grazing on Wildlife

Sierra Powell, Maddie Vance and Drew Asbury

Livestock Grazing on Public Lands

Kassi Renner and Garrett Barton


Emily Poss, Taylor Acheson and Britney Heseltine

Livestock’s Role in the Production of Ammonia and its Effect on the Nitrogen


Dylan Freeman

Government Regulations and Mandates in Agriculture

Jace Linke and Casey Reimler

Gestation Crates in Pig Production

Lucas Stalcup and Tyler Bauer

Cloning in the Livestock Industry

Danae McGarvin and Mattni Becker

Agriculture’s Carbon Footprint

Joshua Berry and Zach Pieper