05 2018 (May)

Proposals Submitted

Bangoura, Berit, Kerry Sondgeroth, John Ritten, and Travis Smith: $499,516 to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA) for “Impact of Coccidial Infections on Animal Health and Economy on Organic Dairy Farms.”

Crane, Kelly: $28,636 to USDA NIFA for “The 2019 Wyoming Sustainable Agriculture, Research, and Education Development Project.”

Crawford, Warren, and Dawn Sanchez: $156,247 to USDA NIFA for “Pathways to Higher Education: Engaging Secondary Education Students in the Food, Agricultural, Natural Resources, and Human Sciences.”

Guo, Wei, Jun Ren, Ying Ge and Henk Granzier: $1,815,155 to National Institutes of Health (NIH) for “Regulatory Mechanisms of RBM20 in TTN Splicing During Heart Failure Progression.”

Guo, Wei and Xiaolin Wu: $56,000 to Neogen Corp. for “Optimal Genomic Selection in Cattle.”

Heitholt, James, Vivek Sharma, and Carrie Eberle: $5,000 to Wyoming Bean Commission (WBC) for “Testing of LPID Experimental Lines for Yield, Agronomics, and Seed Size.”

Islam, Anowar: $50,000 to Wyoming Department of Agriculture (WDA) for “Evaluation of Yacon in Rotation with Fenugreek in Wyoming Environments.”

Owings, Glenn, Retta Bruegger, and Dominique Woodham: $15,000 to South Dakota State University for “Piloting an Adaptation Short Course to Co-Develop Preparedness for Drought and Wildfire on Public and Private Lands in Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.”

Sharma, Vivek and James Heitholt: $49,962 to WDA for “Effects of Dry Bean Seeding-Rates and Row-Spacing on Yield and Water- and Radiation-Use-Efficiency under Full and Deficit Irrigation,” and $15,000 to WBC for “Effect of Plant Density and Row Arrangements on Dry Bean Productivity in Wyoming.”

Stump, William: $7,200 to Western Sugar Cooperative for “Disease Management in High Plains Sugar Beets,” and $5,500 to Colorado Potato Administrative Committee for “Potato Pest Management in the High Plains Region.”

Thompson, Jennifer: $10,000 to Wyoming State Forestry Division for “Wyoming State Forestry Division Small Acreage Outreach Project Support.”

Vardiman, Jeremiah and Jennifer Thompson: $24,407 to WDA for “Grape Growing Guide for Beginning and Existing Producers in Wyoming.”