04 2018 (April)

Proposals Submitted

Dhekney, Sadanand: $23,489 to Sun World International LLC for “In Vitro Culture Techniques for Grape Improvement.”

Hess, Bret: $352,176 to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) National Institute of Food and Agriculture for “McIntire Stennis Forestry Research,” $1,275,410 for “Hatch Formula Grant,” and $720,183 for “Hatch Program (Multistate).”

Keith, Jill and James Heitholt: $436,141 to Washington State University for “Protein-Rich Wholesome Popping Beans to Enhance Ag Production, Nutrition and Sustainability.”

Kniss, Andrew: $20,500 to Western Sugar Cooperative for “Weed Biology, Ecology, and Management in Sugarbeet,” $2,500 to Valent for “Weed Science Research and Extension Programming,” $4,000 to Gowan Company LLC for “Weed Science Research and Outreach,” $7,500 to Bayer for “Weed Science Research and Education,” and $4,250 to ISK Biosciences Corporation for “Herbicide Evaluation Program Support.”

Maczko, Kristie, John Tanaka, and Lynn Huntsinger: $137,000 to USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for “Assessing Rangeland Ecosystem Services Enhanced by Conservation Practice Implementation.”

Maczko, Kristie, John Tanaka, and Brian Mealor: $184,000 to USDA NRCS for “Conservation Practices to Reduce Environmental and Economic Impacts of Invasive Species: An Economic Assessment.”

Panter, Karen: $9,703 to USDA Agricultural Marketing Service for “Year-Round Greenhouse and High Tunnel Specialty Cut Flower Production.”

Schumaker, Brant: $133,504 to USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service for “Managing Animal Health Technical Services, Cattle Health, Equine, Cervids and Small Ruminant Health for FY2018.”