04 2018 (April)

Department of Plant Sciences Seminars

Fridays, 1:20-2 p.m., Ag C building, room 2024:

April 6: “Interplanting Forage Legumes with Grain Corn for Late Season Forage Production,” Camby Reynolds, MS proposal, and “Impact of Potassium and Harvest Management on Lignin in Alfalfa Cultivars,” Michael Baidoo, MS proposal

April 13: “Response of Sugarbeet to Light Quality,” Albert Adjesiwor, Ph.D. defense

April 20: “Plant Community Structure and N Dynamics Affect Productivity and Environment of Meadow Bromegrass-Legume Cropping Systems,” Dennis Ashilenje, Ph.D. defense

April 27: “Evaluating Sensitivity of Locally Adapted Dry Bean Varieties to Common Diseases,” Kyle Webber, MS proposal, and “Effect of Deficit Irrigation on Dry Bean Soil Moisture Dynamics, ET, Yield and Water Use Efficiency,” Abhijit Rai, MS proposal