03 2018 (March)

Proposals Submitted

Balzan, Julie, and Denise Smith: $12,250 to Wyoming Department of Agriculture for “Safely Preserving Wyoming’s Specialty Crops.”

Dhekney, Sadanand: $2,000 to Sun World International, LLC for “Optimizing In Vitro Culture Techniques for Grape Improvement.”

Hansen, Kristiana, Brian Lee, Vivek Sharma, Caleb Carter, Nick Brozovic, and Daren Rudnick: $10,773 to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service for “Real-Time Energy Monitoring Pilot Program to Improve Producer Understanding of Irrigation Costs and Water Use.”

Jarvis, Donald, and Malcolm Fraser: $453,604 to National Institutes of Health for “Engineering Optimized N-glycosylation in the Silkworm Silkgland Protein Expression System.”

Lake, Scott: $12,867 to Microbios, Inc. for “Effects of Direct Fed Microbials on Weaned Calf Performance.”

Maczko, Kristie, and John Tanaka: $140,000 to USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) for “Rangeland Soil Health Phase 3: Economic Modeling, Case Studies, and Site Visits.”

Maczko, Kristie, John Tanaka, and Derek Scasta: $176,000 to USDA NRCS for “Benefits from Prescribed Fire on Rangelands – Applying Usable Science to Increase Awareness.”

Maczko, Kristie, John Tanaka, and David Taylor: $103,000 to National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for “Estimating the Economic Value of U.S. Beef Cattle Ranching Based Ecosystem Services.”

Mealor, Brian: $3,000 to Bayer for “Research and Extension in Invasive Weed Management,” and $2,500 to Alligare for “Evaluating Various Herbicide Formulations for Management and Restoration of Weed-Infested Areas.”

Murphy, Melanie, and Tessa Wittman: $6,106 to Meg and Bert Raynes Wildlife Fund for “Development of Environmental DNA (eDNA) Methods for Detection of the Critically Endangered Wyoming Toad (Anaxyrus baxteri).”

Paige, Virginia, Roger Coupal, Monica Orozco, and Monica Berger: $1,590,416 to National Science Foundation for “Integrated Geospatial Multi-Objective Decision Making for the Lake Atitlan Watershed, Guatemala.”

Sondgeroth, Kerry, and Hank Edwards: $18,500 to The Wyoming Wildlife Foundation for “Brucella ovis in Wyoming Bighorn Sheep,” and $29,800 for “Characterization of Respiratory Pathogens in Wyoming Bighorn Sheep Using Mass Spectrometry and Sequencing.”